Stars for Dreams Birthday Giveaway

Since it’s my birthday month this September, I decided to do my first Stars for Dreams giveaway and I’d love for you to be a part of it!

You can win your very own customized notebook (add a character and the text you want) and a set of handmade cards!

To qualify for the giveaway, you just need to:

  1. Like Stars for Dreams on Facebook at
  2. Share this image (yes, this very same one) to your Facebook wall and write “I wish (your heart’s desire).” Why? Because I want to get to know you! Make it easier by sharing the image directly from the Stars for Dreams Facebook page.
  3. Make the post public so I can find it.
  4. Tag Stars for Dreams to make sure that I get notified about your entry.

The deadline of entries is September 27, 2012 (that date isn’t so random, but as a hint, it’s not my birthday) – the first one to correctly guess what the connection is also gets a prize!

This giveaway is open to residents in the Philippines only, and the winner will be chosen randomly by electronic means.

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