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It’s been a really rainy week so far and the weather hasn’t allowed for much of the activities that I’ve been wanting to do lately, like taking photos of the new accessories under natural lighting so I can finally upload them for selling. But one thing about being stuck at home is remembering that I have all sorts of things that I can play with.

I finally got around to opening a carving block that I bought during my last trip to Hong Kong and started making stamps. In about an hour, I finished three. I still haven’t quite gotten the perfect carving groove but there’s nothing that practice can’t fix.

Cut into the size you need and use a pencil to outline/set your positives

I ended up carving out the eyes and the text inside the speech bubble as well because I realized it’s so much cooler to make custom prints by adding drawn elements to each one, and because it was really hard to cut around the eyes. I really need that smaller v-tool. *ahem, excuses*

Here are some of the prints I made with this first finished stamp. Imagine all the possibilities!

Here’s another one that my fiance requested because he’s been quite addicted to Gong Cha.

The next stamp I decided to make was much simpler and maximized the leftover block I had from the first attempt, which turned out really nicely and can even pass for stamping on some wedding paraphernalia. I’m thinking of using this for Thank You cards or some other paper-related thing.

For these block letters, I just used the carving knife since all the cuts needed were just straight lines. This was definitely much easier to do than the first stamp.

The last one, however, was so much of a failure that I wasn’t sure whether to post it or not. I ended up deciding to post it anyway because there’s nothing like a public presentation of ugly craftsmanship to make a person want to get better. This last one was really just me playing with some more leftover block pieces but I was already feeling quite lazy, which meant that I didn’t pencil in the design first and hadn’t made sure that the surface was uniformed and smooth.


I ended up with a badly spaced print of my name and bumps that I couldn’t get rid of. Parts where the ink wouldn’t stick to were the areas that I ended up carving more than necessary or intended. You can’t even see the “A” at the end anymore because that area became too uneven.

Lesson learned! Always work with a smooth surface (unless you actually want the extra texture) and plan out your designs.

I’m already planning out the next stamps that I’ll be making and I can’t wait. I’m loving this so much that I’m even going to make it a part of my contribution to Life After Breakfast‘s 2nd Craft Soiree in August. I hope I get to join again! I’m so excited to meet more crafty people.

Life After Breakfast: Craft Soiree Part 2

Speaking of which, if you haven’t signed up for it yet, Alessa is already accepting applicants for the 2nd Craft Soiree and sign ups have begun for her July crafternoons.

Calligraphy and Watercolor Crafternoons

Aside from the Craft Soiree, I’ve also signed up for the Watercolor Crafternoon on July 28. This is certainly going to be a happy month with lots of new things to do and learn. If you’re going, I hope to meet you there!


  1. Kate August 13, 2012

    sobrang delayed ko sa pagcheck. cute talaga ng gawa mo! love that the designs come out with a light effect. hahaha…so different from the “pantatak” i know and grew up with. yung sobrang diin. 😛 hahaha. #nocomparison

    • starsfordreams August 13, 2012

      Sobrang enjoy siya! Pag nandito ka ulit, dadalhin ko yung materials ko tapos carve tayo. 🙂

  2. Joy Ann December 12, 2012

    I love the face outline stamp concept! Copying that!


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