The Lessons I’ve Learned This Year (2014 Edition)


2014 was a whirlwind of a year, wasn’t it?

I thought I was going to hit a home run all the way to the end, but as life always does, 2014 decided to end with a huge upset of the status quo.

But I promised myself that I’ll always try to look at the brighter side of things, and remember that 2014 was a year of courageous firsts, open doors, and exciting adventures.

Being more positive, more than I’ve ever been my entire life, has opened my eyes to the opportunity to learn from my mistakes instead of dwelling on the bad moments. That in itself is a huge lesson, but that wasn’t the only lesson I learned. I’ve decided to compile the 10 big lessons I learned last year and share them with you through this blog post. Continue reading

In Bloom


Arlene provided us with the materials for the workshop, including the Prang Oval Pan Watercolor Set (16 colors) and some Canson 200gsm watercolor paper.

Last Saturday, I attended Arlene Sy‘s Floral Watercolor Illustration Workshop and it was one of the best things I’ve done so far this year. It was a huge deal personally because Arlene is one of my inspirations for 2014 and I truly admire her work. Aside from that, I am (in no way an exaggeration) awkwardly fearful of meeting new people and going to events where I don’t really know anybody.

I tried to ask several friends to join me for this workshop but no one was available for the day, so I convinced myself that I had to do it even if I had to go through it on my own.

BEST. DECISION. EVER. Continue reading

Watercolor Party Scene v2.0

I already posted these images before but like my Summer Favorites blog, the original Watercolor Party Scene blog got deleted when my server’s hard drive crashed and files were lost.


I’ve been using watercolor a lot this year, and I’m really enjoying myself. It’s not a very easy medium for me to use but it encourages me to play and not be so anal about my work. Continue reading


…is such a heavy, powerful, word. So heavy that you can almost touch it, feel it in your hands. And at the same time, it’s often elusive. It’s also very popular these days, featured in a lot of marketing campaigns, training events, and articles.

I was at a loss for what to write about today, until I remembered how the past few weeks have been. Yes, they have been busy, fast, hectic, and fun. They have also been colored in a different palette by this word, empowerment.

DSC09815 Continue reading

My 14 Inspirations for 2014

I haven’t done any best of 2013 posts because I have a bad memory and I hardly remember anything that happened in the last 12 months.


So I thought, in place of that, I’d make a list of artists and crafters who I found within the last 5 years, have made the last year so much more exciting for my creative soul, and are definitely going to be my inspirations in 2014.

The list is not in any particular order, just browse through and hopefully you’ll also find an artist or crafter you’ll love.

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The Art of Travel

One of the benefits of marrying someone with similar interests is having the opportunity to work together.

On that note, the husband and I have been interviewed by Allie Principe of Four Eyed Wonder, who’s a talented graphic designer and architect, and also happens to be my partner in my Wanderrgirl Challenge posts.

It was a great exercise for us to answer Allie’s questions because we never really thought about our teamwork process much before. We actually learned a few things about each other that has been helpful in our current projects, such as Mommy Has An Angel, a book authored by The Busy Budgeting Mama, Natalie Lesnefsky.


MHAA is a children’s book for grieving mothers and is available for pre-order through the MHAA website, for $15. On the website, you can also watch Natalie’s video on why she decided to write this book.

My new constant companion and a pair of boots from Topshop

My new constant companion and a pair of boots from Topshop

But, I have to be honest, the best benefit of being married is getting to travel with the husband and grow from all the adventures and discovery.

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I’m Baaaaaack with a Creativity Workshop Recap


It’s taking quite a bit of time for me to redesign and repurpose this blog to add a bit more of my other interests, so I’ve been absent from updating for a while. But this week’s events were just too important to not document, and so my future grandkids will know what their grammy was up to back in the day. (Off-topic, I wonder if blogs will be in hologram form by then…)

So last Thursday, September 18, I gave a Creativity Talk and Workshop to roughly 40 people in Assumption College San Lorenzo. I was invited by Roxanne, the president of ACES (Assumption College Educators’ Society) for their Org Week.

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Wedding Wednesdays: A Colorful Wedding Moodboard

I like making moodboards. I can be as creative as I can be and taking in ideas from what I see around me. Plus, it also appeals to the control freak in me.

Here’s a fraction of one of the moodboards I made for our wedding that focused on just the event styling. Yes folks, I had a moodboard for every aspect of a wedding that I could think of, even shoes!


So for this week’s Wedding Wednesdays, I thought I’d make another moodboard for one of my other dream wedding styles that never came to be – THE SUPER COLORFUL WEDDING!

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Make It Mondays: Home Office Inspiration

Growing up, I’ve never really had a designated study area. Not even a study table. I read and did my homework on the bed, lying down on my tummy until I fell asleep. That’s not a very healthy or productive way to do things but I’ve gotten so used to it that it’s been hard getting out of that habit.

Since moving in to the new condo, we’ve already gotten a dining table that currently doubles as our workspace but we both decided early on that we have to separate our workspace from the bedroom and of course, that goes without saying, the dining area. Right now, the husband is just waiting for me to finalize my table design so we can have it quoted for production.


You’d think that it would be easy to do that because how hard is it to just place a table and chair in a corner right? Since I’ve never had a workspace before, I really want to maximize this first one and one of the problems is the only available space for it. It’s a big enough corner and I’m not complaining, but the configuration of it is challenging because there’s a giant window on one side of the wall that I don’t want to cover so we can still open the latch when we need to and to bring the sunlight in.

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