The BenCab Museum

The BenCab Museum was on our must-visit in Baguio list, so on our very first day in The City of Pines, we drove to the National Artist’s visual paradise.


We left our friend’s house in this community…


and arrived there with much excitement in our hearts!

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Happy Holidays


This year has been a doozy, with many wonderful milestones and exciting surprises!

Thanks you for the great year and thank You for the many blessings.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Make It Mondays: Summer Crafts for Kids

This is for all the amazing moms and kids out there who are looking for something to do this summer. What’s a better way to spend it than creating your own crafts at home, together, right?

During the start of the year, I worked on three DIY tutorial projects for K-Zone’s Boredom Busters 4: 100 Days of Awesome. It’s filled with “epic to-dos” and guarantees a productive and creative summer for the whole family.


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