DIY: Eco Gift Giving

If you’re like me, who buys a lot of magazines every month (my current faves are Entrepreneur Philippines and Real Living Philippines), then this is the DIY tutorial for you!

With the Christmas season already making its presence known over the radios and all throughout the malls, we’re all already making our lists (Have you checked yours twice?) and usually, those lists include gift bags and gift wrappers to make our presents extra special. And I’m sure there are birthdays going on left and right too, and that can really bust our wallets.

The good news is, we don’t really need to spend all that money on presentation because we’ve got all the materials we need just lying around the house to still make our gifts look extra special. This is also a great way to recycle things and make a small contribution to helping the planet.

Here’s how I wrapped a gift for a boy who was turning 3, and this is how YOU can do it too!

First up: Find a magazine that fits the occasion or the personality of the person receiving the gift.

David, who was turning 3, was having a birthday party and my fiance and I were invited. We both love books and we were hoping that David would grow to love books as well, so we chose to give him three different titles, each with increasing difficulty and various themes so the books can grow up with him.

And then we added the book that we illustrated, written by Ms. Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan, Kuya na si Bunso. We thought it would be cute since David got a new sister a few months ago and is now a kuya himself.

For this DIY, all you really need is tape and something to cut the pages with like a pair of scissors or a paper cutter.

I tore off colorful pages from one of my K-Zone magazines (we also contribute to K-Zone, which is why I buy copies haha) and cleaned up the edges with my paper cutter. And then, I lay them all out and taped the pages together to form a big “gift wrapper”. Make sure that you have the right number of pages to make a big enough wrapper for your gift. Check and measure!

After wrapping your gift, make it a more personal package by adding details such as the person’s name or a handmade card.

I had some foam letters, googly eyes, and colorful pipe cleaners in my craft cabinet so I decided to add a bit of fun to the wrapping.

I spelled David’s name with the foam letters, using different colors to make it more vibrant. You can glue them in a more freeform way to make the letters look like they’re dancing. Kids have active imaginations and I think doing this encourages them to be more creative with how they see the things around them.

I also twisted pipe cleaners together, to wrap around the package and brought the ends up to create a mouth, and added googly eyes, to make the package look like a friendly creature.

And lastly, I cut another page from the magazine to make it look like a smaller creature, and used this as the gift card.

TADA! This is what the package looked like after I was done.

I think it looks really cute and I hope David liked it. What do you think?

Some more tips for you!

If you’re giving it to someone who loves fashion, you can use pages from a fashion magazine and create a “lookbook” themed wrapper. You can cut out accessories and clothes from the magazine pages and glue them on to a bigger page. Think of what the gift receiver would like.

You can also use home design magazines to wrap a gift for a newly married couple. If it’s a kitchen item, you can use pages that have renovated kitchens on them or even food (from food magazines)!

And what if your gift is a book? Use a page that doesn’t have any images, just text. It’s like a preview of what’s inside.

Just remember, be as creative as you can be and make use of the things around you. Let the images inspire you and have fun. 🙂

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