DIY: Glitter Shoes

Most girls love shoes and some say, “the more, the better!” But when you’re living in a small condo, don’t have enough space for a collection that would rival Imelda’s, or just strapped for cash, you can easily update your shoes by channeling Martha Stewart and unleashing your inner DIY goddess.

I did just that last night, impulsively, after seeing two of my shoes looking ratty. I’ve been attracted to glittery and neon-colored things recently (and by recent, I really mean for months now) so I decided to add glitters to my old Converse sneakers and paint my blue-canvas shoes neon pink.

My shoes, especially the canvas ones, were quite dirty so I had to clean them thoroughly. If yours aren’t as dirty, still clean them, at least with a brush, but it’s better if you wash those that you can just like the canvas shoes. This will ultimately help whatever you’re sticking to your shoes cling to the surface more strongly.

After cleaning them, I decided to work on the Converse sneakers first. I got some tape and lined the areas that I didn’t want to accidentally put glue and glitter on. I feel that this isn’t really necessary if you’re careful, but if you have crazy hands like I do, it’d be best to tape some areas off.

I used Mod Podge to glue the gold glitter on the sneakers’ surface. Mod Podge is a popular craft glue that you can also use to seal or varnish your crafts and it’s available in most art supplies stores.

Wait for the glue to dry and for the glitter to stick, tap off any extra glitter, and check if you’re satisfied with the amount of glitter on the shoes. I wasn’t so I applied another layer of glue and put more glitter on. That second layer gave me a more uniformed look. Wait until dry again, and peel off the tape when it’s done. And that’s it really. It’s such an easy project!

And as for the other pair, I’ve already painted on a first layer of neon pink textile paint on the blue part of the shoes and will be adding some more layers to get a more solid color on them. And of course, glitters again on the tips! Will be posting the finished pair once they’re done. :D

4 thoughts on “DIY: Glitter Shoes

    • I haven’t tested this particular brand that I got from National Bookstore but usually, textile paint takes 1-2 washes with a bit of bleeding before it becomes completely waterproof. I don’t think it’s going to cover your feet though, maybe just small streaks if the shoes get extremely wet. :)

      I might cover it with something (like the Mod Podge) to seal it though, that might work. :D

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