Mommy and Baby Favorites #1

I thought, what better way to revive my Favorites series than with a Mommy and Baby list? It was a great way to blend my old life with my new life – watercolors and motherhood.

My style for this has changed a bit since I haven’t done it in a while and I wanted to experiment with sorely missed art materials. I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out, despite painting it in installments (meaning, whenever the baby would give me the time to do it and the husband wasn’t too busy with his own work).

If you’re a mommy too, what are your own favorites? Do you use any of these products?


When Oliver was 3 months old (and the summer months rolled in), he got a bad case of heat rash. At the time, we didn’t know that it was heat rash and thought that it was a reaction to his bath soap. I immediately remembered seeing Sacred on my social media and thought that it was the best time to try it out.

Sacred is a newborn cleanser that’s specially formulated for the first six months of a baby’s life. It doesn’t include perfumes and scents, irritating acids, parabens, and other harmful chemicals (that are sometimes still present in other cleansers that are marketed for babies).

I don’t know if this helped with Oliver’s heat rash in particular but I’ve noticed that it helps whenever he has some kind of skin irritation. And it makes me happy knowing that I’m cleaning him in the gentlest way possible.

UPDATE: I’ve stopped using Sacred because the second bottle onwards has been making my baby’s skin really dry. 🙁

Physiogel A.I. Cream

We discovered this cream around the same time that we were treating Oliver’s heat rash. The powder that his pediatric dermatologist prescribed left his skin with dry patches, and the lotion that she wanted us to use was not easy to find locally. (Who does that, by the way? It would have been much easier to prescribe something that’s more easily accessible, right?)

So I went to one of my mommy groups on Facebook and asked around. One of the moms there suggested Physiogel’s Calming Relief A.I. Cream and so far, it has worked for us.

My son’s dry patches come back from time to time, but that might already be because of his genetics or because he’s still young. I just apply the A.I. Cream to those dry patches and notice a big difference right away.

On top of that, I also steal some of this whenever my face is feeling dry from all the breastfeeding. I love how this has become an all-around cream for all of our dry skin needs.

Tiny Buds Rice Baby Powder

Another heat rash-related find!

When our prescribed powder ended up giving Oliver dry and rough skin, I immediately stopped using it. But that left me with a sweaty baby that wasn’t ready for the summer heat.

Luckily, I found Tiny Buds’ Rice Baby Powder. The hypoallergenic formula contains 100% real rice grains and doesn’t contain talc and other harmful preservatives. It’s safe to inhale, and can even be used by babies with skin asthma or eczema.

I’ve made a habit of putting it on Oliver’s skin after his morning bath and evening wipe down, and it keeps him smelling fresh!

UPDATE: I’ve stopped using Tiny Buds’ Rice Baby Powder because of my son’s dry skin. The powder wasn’t just aggravating the situation.

Mustela Vitamin Barrier Cream

Back when I was still pregnant, Mustela’s Maternity line of products helped me take care of myself. So it was only natural that I transitioned to using their Daily Baby Care products for my baby.

One of my favorites is their 123 Vitamin Barrier Cream, which we use as our diaper cream. We use it both as prevention and whenever Oliver’s nappy area looks reddish or has rash spots. I admit that I’ve also applied this on some red spots on other parts of his body. After using the cream, the rash disappears right away!

It’s really been effective for us, and gentle on baby’s skin too.

Mustela PhysiObébé

Another favorite Mustela product is their PhysiObébé no-rinse cleansing water. It’s an easy way to clean Oliver’s face, hands, and diaper area when cleaning with soap and water isn’t an option. It’s also our go-to for quick clean ups!

Although it’s scented, it hasn’t irritated Oliver’s skin and I like how fresh he smells after.

Ergobaby 360

I had already decided on trying out babywearing when I was still pregnant, and bought a hybrid carrier a month before giving birth.

It was beautifully made and I loved the print, but ended up having such a hard time learning how to use it with an actual (very squirmy) baby. When we finally perfected it, we found that the material also sagged a few minutes after wearing, and sags even more now that Oliver is much heavier.

It’s a good thing that I was able to buy an Ergobaby 360 through a friend, and it’s quickly become our favorite carrier. Oliver still needs the infant insert pillow to sit comfortably in the Ergobaby 360, but it’s definitely easier for us to use (unlike the hybrid carrier that took me two weeks to learn how to use and ring sling that I’m still learning how to use).

I definitely love having Oliver close to me whenever we’re out and about, and the Ergobaby lets me do that without much worry or difficulty.

Just a few important things to note:

  1. Babywearing will always be warm for both mommy and baby. For us, it’s best to use carriers in airconditioned areas such as malls and hotels. We tried babywearing on a summer afternoon and it was definitely uncomfortable for me, and much more for the baby!
  2. This soft-structured carrier is bulkier than the other types of carriers (ring sling, wrap, hybrid).
  3. There are fake Ergobaby carriers out there, so be wary of low prices and unofficial distributors and sellers. It’s best to buy directly from Richwell Philippines, which distributes Ergobaby here in the country, or from stores that are authorized sellers to make sure that you buy an authentic Ergobaby carrier.
  4. More often than not, getting this type of carrier will make you addicted to buying drool pads as well! Haha!

Seve’s Mom

The first nursing cover I bought had a rigid neckline that I thought would make breastfeeding in public easier for me. But that just made it hard for me to see Oliver and latch him properly. What I thought would be a discreet way to feed my baby ended up being such a chore!

Which is why I’m so happy I found Seve’s Mom online. They sell proudly Filipino-made infinity nursing scarves, as well as cloth nursing pads.

I love their nursing scarves because whenever I’m not breastfeeding, they turn into accessories that make my otherwise boring mommy outfit into something more fashionable.

And whenever I’m nursing, it doesn’t scream LOOK AT ME! I’M FEEDING MY BABY WITH MY BREASTS! Don’t get me wrong, I’m proud that I’m breastfeeding my baby, but I’m not really ready to flash everyone with my breasts just yet. The material they use is also cooler on the skin, lightweight, and easy to wash.

Mothercare clothes

I already loved going to Mothercare even before I got pregnant because they have the cutest baby clothes. And now that I have an actual baby to dress up, I’ve officially moved in. I live in Mothercare now, you guys.

It’s my wallet’s black hole.

I know that babies grow up so fast and it’s not like we bring Oliver out everyday. He doesn’t really need a lot of nice clothes, but how can I resist buying their super cute baby clothes? How?!

Babalab baby wipes

We’ve tried so many wipes. From really popular ones, to ones that were recommended by my favorite mommy bloggers, to ones we just decided to pick up from the grocery. But I didn’t like most of them for some reason or another.

Babalab was an impulse buy from an online baby store. I didn’t really know anything about this brand, but I ended up really liking it when we finally tried it.

Now, I know that it’s made from natural ingredients – aloe vera, grape, blueberry, and black bean, and it’s also free from 12 kinds of synthetic chemical compounds.

I liked the texture, the formulation, and the fact that Oliver’s skin didn’t react negatively to it. That last part is super important!

UPDATE: Do not order from their website. They haven’t figured out how to process and deliver orders made through their own website, and my order still hasn’t arrived two weeks after I made my payment. 🙁

Jasmin Street Collection

Oliver grew out of his infant booties so fast! We just woke up one day and they didn’t fit anymore. Now he just wears socks all the time to keep his toes warm and toasty.

But for days when we want him to look extra spiffy, we let him wear his handmade baby shoes from Jasmin Street Collection.

I ordered a custom Alonzo and a custom Ryan (I chose the colors I wanted), and love how well-made these adorable shoes are. They’re also soft, so I’m assuming they’re comfy for baby feet.

More than that, the customer service I got was excellent! Love love love this online seller.

Bright Starts toy

And lastly, our secret weapon for distracting Oliver – the tiger toy from his Bright Starts Spots and Stripes Safari Gym. It lights up and plays melodies, so it keeps his attention for a while.

It’s my go-to toy when I need a few minutes to rest or do something quickly.



  1. I love your online home.’ Im thinking your character is so blissful that it reflects in your art work. Anyway, I first saw your work through this book called The ABC’s of Jesus’ Ressurection. Our daughter loves it so much that she never failed to mentioned Jesus, Daddy, Mommy, and Baby while pointing those images in the book. God is being glorified in your work. Congratulations.

    • starsfordreams June 5, 2016

      Hi Lady Lyn! Thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment. I try to be as blissful as I can be with the good life that the Lord has given me, but I admit I have been having a lot of bad days lately. Adjusting to my new role as mommy hasn’t been easy, but it’s always a great way to remember God’s bigger plan and focus on the blessings He continues to give. I’m really happy that the book I worked on has touched your family. God bless! 🙂

  2. ceemee August 20, 2016

    Watercolor and motherhood, that’s my kind of combination! I am also dabbling in watercolor, and blogging, just so I have a creative outlet of my hands and mind. Your work is beautiful!

    I got here from Make It Blissful Bloggers FB group. 🙂

    • starsfordreams August 26, 2016

      Hello Ceemee! 🙂 Thanks for dropping by and your kind words. I’m still struggling with how to combine both watercolors and motherhood haha! How do you do it???

  3. marie espeleta October 30, 2016

    hello im a fan! i love your watercolors in its simplicity. i would really like to have a mother and child piece of your work for my collection.i hope you can have time to do this, please let me know the cost. thanks


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