The SG Chronicles: Cathedral of the Good Shepherd

Sunday ended with something horrible happening and now I’m still feeling really bad about it. There’s also the thing about the typhoon that’s making everything wet, dark, windy, and unsafe these days so I think I (and anyone who comes across this blog) need an extra boost from my consistent energy source.

I’m not very religious but I’d like to think of myself as someone who’s faithful. I acknowledge that there is a Greater Being who is up there and I value my relationship with Him.

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The SG Chronicles: The Food Place by Food Junction

I’m keeping things short and sweet today but it’s still going to be awesome because it’s all about food today!

Singapore has tons of local food that are amazing and one of my staples is their char kway teow, a popular noodle dish made with strips of ricecake and stir-fried into yummy goodness. I first got to taste this dish during my trip to Singapore in 2007 from one of the many hawker stalls there and I got hooked ever since.

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The SG Chronicles: Kinokuniya

When I visit a place, whether it’s another city or another country, I make sure to pass by a bookstore. When I first visited Singapore some twelve or so years ago, I discovered Kinokuniya and thought that it was the best place in the world. Back then, we didn’t have Fully Booked yet and the only place I got my books from was National Bookstore, and they didn’t have a wide selection at the time.

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The SG Chronicles: The Little Happyshop

I’m back from my mini vacation in Singapore and I can’t even begin to tell you how much I wish I had more time to spend there. I was on a tight schedule (and a tight budget) so before I left, I listed down all the places that I HAD TO go to. I don’t get the chance to go to Singapore just whenever so I made sure to pass by all the places I’ve been eyeing over the internet.

Colorful and inviting!

One of these places is The Little Happyshop. TLH started as an online shop offering chic paper goods and other happy practicalities. And they really don’t disappoint. Going through their website really makes me happy and fuels my love for notebooks and stationery. But aside from that, they also have so many other things that I want to place on my work desk (which is whatever coffee shop table I’m using) and inside my bag.

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Artsy Sundays

Sundays are for coffee shops, relaxing, and art. All throughout the week, my mind is focused on finishing freelance projects (if there are any), how to make Stars for Dreams better, and my part-time job in Ateneo. But Sundays are special because I can just forget about all of those things and create art for myself.

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